How I survived one month with no news or Social Media

February is over and so is my experiment of one month without news and social media. The experience has left me with mixed feelings and mixed results. A feeling of loneliness I might be a bit of an introvert. It might be that my life is crazy and that I don’t have time to connect with my friends and family.  It might be that I’m terrible and do not do a good job connecting with family and friends or it might be a choice that I’m making unconsciously or subconsciously. When I started this experiment I though I will connect with … Continue Reading →


Confessions of a Diet coke-aholic – Popless March

I have drunk around 1 to 2 litres of Diet coke per day, every single day, for the last 10 years!  I haven’t taken a single day off! The thought of how many bottles and cans of diet coke I  drank so far makes me sick.   I’m pretty sure I will get stomach cancer at some point due to the crazy amounts of aspartame I’m consuming, not to mention the acidity which ruined my stomach. I also noticed that whenever I overdose on Diet Coke I get skin rash, I cannot sleep well, and my stomach feels distended. Another general observation is … Continue Reading →

Image of a Woman meditating

Happier, Healthier, and Luckier 2014 – 11 experiments in 11 months

January is almost over and I’m up to a good start. My new year’s resolutions seem to be on track. I have accomplished most of what I set to do in 2013. I’m also working on my daily habits and keeping track of them using Lift. With that said I  want to take it a step further. My overall objective is to become a better, happier, healthier, and luckier person and to do this I think there is a lot in my life that has to change: I want to get rid of bad habits Embrace new  habits Simplify my living Let … Continue Reading →


Congratulations! you are a slave

I was sitting and listening to him rant: “I need to move to another department, I don’t want to be let go, Are you letting me go? please let me know if you are letting me go. I need to find another job. I have a mortgage to pay!” He seemed worried and under a lot of stress, his face looked pale. “Don’t worry” I said, “it is all going to be ok”. But as I heard those words it suddenly hit me; Will this ever be me begging to stay in my Job? I was thinking of buying a … Continue Reading →