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Einstein on repetition, insanity, and why I love being insane

Einstein once said :  the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. Sometimes I need to be insane and I cannot help it.  I need to do something over and over again, get the same results, and wait for it to “register” in my brain. Only then I will be…

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On 2014, Being 30, Blackjack, and life

Beginning of 2014 I lost weight, I gained it all back by the end of the year.  December was my 30th birthday. I felt sad and depressed. I wanted to accomplish so much before I was 30. I wanted to be in Forbes 30 under 30, I wanted to start a company or do something that is…

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Picture showing evolution from Ape, to man, to a man reading to a man hunched over a computer

Evolutionary pains

Why should we fight back?  Maybe we are supposed to gain weight, suffer from back pain, obesity, have text necks, and text thumbs. Maybe all of these things are evolutionary pains that every generation of humanity has to go through. Maybe we should not try to get back to the way our ancestors lived and ate….

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AI can truly ruin our lives and end our existence .. it is easier than you think

This post is inspired by an article that ran on Mashable today regarding a comment that Elon Musk has made regarding AI I thought about it for a while and to me it seems very logical, easy, and very very scary. 1- Think of your bank account. Is it controlled/stored using a computer ? Can…

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The November Experiment – One month without Google – 10 Reasons you should do it too

Alright so this experiment is long overdue. But a few things have happened in the last few weeks that are pushing me in this direction. Selfish Reasons First I’m angry at google. One of my  gmail accounts was recently disabled due to ‘suspicious activity’. I cannot seem to be able to regain access to that account….

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