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The November Experiment – One month without Google – 10 Reasons you should do it too

Alright so this experiment is long overdue. But a few things have happened in the last few weeks that are pushing me in this direction. Selfish Reasons First I’m angry at google. One of my  gmail accounts was recently disabled due to ‘suspicious activity’. I cannot seem to be able to regain access to that account….

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The day the Shark was hacked (almost) – Mistakes, Lessons, and Methods

It all started on a busy but peaceful Monday morning. I was hanging out , drinking coffee, doing my thing, when I got this Facebook alert Looking at the email address my Facebook was reset from, I was like this is bullshit.. I don’t even remember I had that email address, I haven’t used it in years,…

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Image of Road sign that reads Financial Success

Shark’s guide to better finances

First of all a disclaimer :  Im not a money expert, I’m not a financial Guru, and I’m not promoting anyone’s products or services. Im just describing what has worked for me to date. It might not be the best way but it worked well for me so far. Also even though some of the…

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How I survived one month with no news or Social Media

February is over and so is my experiment of one month without news and social media. The experience has left me with mixed feelings and mixed results. A feeling of loneliness I might be a bit of an introvert. It might be that my life is crazy and that I don’t have time to connect with…

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Confessions of a Diet coke-aholic – Popless March

I have drunk around 1 to 2 litres of Diet coke per day, every single day, for the last 10 years!  I haven’t taken a single day off! The thought of how many bottles and cans of diet coke I  drank so far makes me sick.   I’m pretty sure I will get stomach cancer at…

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